Gul Panag’s son copies her and does Bhujangasana, it is the best thing on the Internet

Children mimic their parents and that is how they learn most of the lessons, we have heard this a lot of times but Gul Panag believes in this and that is why she tries to teach her son, Nihal by example. Gul, who is also a fitness freak is known for sharing her extreme workout routines on social media.Recently, the Bypass Road actor had posted about her love for push-ups and why it is her favourite form of exercise.

Now, the mother-of-one has taken to social media again and shared an endearing picture. The post that made headlines showed Gul in her home doing the Bhujangasana while her son Nihal, who is right next to her, is imitating his mother with perfection. That is not all, if you look carefully, you will see two beagles in the background cosily tucked in on their respective chairs.

For the at-home yoga session Gul opted to wear a red and brown jacket which she teamed with a pair of black lowers. The 44-year-old completed her outfit with a pair of sneakers. Nihal looked adorable in his green jacket and blue jeans. Gul shared the awe-generating post with the caption, “#mondaymotivation Trying to teach by example. #monday #fitness #yoga #bhujangasana (sic).”


She recently posted about her journey of achieving her goal of being able to do 100 push-ups in a day. Gul wrote, “#throwback to the this time in the lockdown that helped me better my push-up game. With Gina’s assistance of course. A lot of folks ask me how I do push-ups. One of the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the lockdown, was to get better at push-ups and to be able to do a 100, in 4-5 sets. It was a tall task as at the start of the lockdown, I could barely do 10 at a stretch (sic).”


She added, “I read somewhere of this trend where folks were doing 10 push ups every hour on the hour . And I was like that is something I can do! And so I did . Over time I got stronger. As they say practise is the answer !! My goal is to do push-ups every day, somedays less. Some days more. I also vary the form. With stance . Wide & narrow that allows me to target different muscle groups. My research reveals, that there is no ONE form for push – up. You can and should do a variety of variations- only thing to keep in mind is to keep the spine straight (sic).”

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This made us want to work out as well.

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