‘My Father Was Medically Murdered’: Sambhavna Seth Accuses Hospital Of Negligence, Says ‘I Will Fight For Truth’

New Delhi: Former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant Sambhavna Seth, who recently lost her father due to COVID-19 related complications, shared a video on social media wherein she accused a hospital for ‘medically murdering’ him. Her father passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest in the ICU ward of a Delhi hospital. 

Sambhavna alleged that the nurses misbehaved with her and didn’t take proper care of her father. She claimed that her father died within two hours after she recorded the video. The actress-dancer accused the hospital of ‘medical neglience’ and said that she will ‘fight for the truth’.

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“They Killed my Father. As they say the world cannot be just black or white. Similarly, every doctor cannot be equivalent to God. There are few evils too who are killing our loved ones wearing white coats. Within 2 hours after recording this video my father passed away or I should rather say he was medically murdered. Losing my father was the biggest fear of my life which I have faced. Now I am fearlessly going to fight for the truth as taught by my father whole life,” she wrote. 

Seth further said, “I may or may not defeat these big sharks in this fight but definitely gonna pull them out of this godly water and show there real faces. I was just waiting to complete all the rituals for my father. Now i need your support in this fight because I know everyone of you who has been to hospitals in these tough times have faced the similar medical negligence but couldn’t fight for it due to various reason but now we all can fight together by sharing this video with hashtags #justice4sambhavna #medicalmurder.” 

The Bhojpuri actress said that her lawyers are in the process of sending a legal notice to the hospital. She added that they lawyers will ‘initiate the legal battle’ by sending the notice.  

Sambhavna had earlier shared a photo from her wedding with Avinash Dwivedi to mourn her father’s demise. The caption for the post read, “My father could have been saved. It was not just covid which killed him.” 

Sambhavna’s father, who tested positive for COVID-19, was shifted to the ICU after his health deteriorated She had informed her fans about her dad’s health through her YouTube vlog. He left for his heavenly abode on May 9.

The ‘Bigg Boss 8’ contestant faced problems while arranging a hospital bed for her dad. Seth revealed that Manoj Tiwari had helped her in getting her father admitted in the hospital. 

On the professional front, Sambhavna was last seen in ‘Gudiya Hamari Sabhi Pe Bhari’. 

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