Chennai Corporation To Provide Pulse Oximeters To Covid Patients With Comorbidities

Chennai: In wake of spike in price of pulse oximeters, volunteers are being invited on behalf of the corporation to provide basic medical assistance to those affected by the second wave of coronavirus and isolated in their homes and cannot afford the basic medical equipment. These volunteers visit the homes of isolated individuals twice a day and enquire about their health and report the information to the relevant ward or zonal medical team.

The Chennai Corporation is taking all possible measures to control the pandemic in the city limits. In May, the Corporation had vaccinated more than 20 lakh people in the city. The corporation is planning to provide pulse oximeters to the COVID patients.

Control rooms have been set up in each zone to assist patients. Under this scheme, poor patients who are struggling with coronavirus along with co-morbidities over the age group of 45 will be given pulse oxymeter for free.

This device will help patients to monitor oxygen levels in their blood. They will be asked to share readings with the health volunteers. Once the patient is completely recovered the volunteers will have to return those devices to the corporation.

According to the Corporation of Chennai, till now 10,400 kits have been donated from various volunteers. The Corporation is inviting companies and volunteers interested to extend their helping hand to Covid patients and donate medical equipment including pulse oximeter. Their helpline number is 94983 46492.


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