WATCH | ‘ExtraGineca On Menu’: Malaysian Bar Sells Cocktails Named After Popular COVID Vaccines

New Delhi: A Malaysian bar is offering customers bottled cocktails named after popular COVID-19 vaccines, with the alcoholic doses recommended to be served. 

The drinks – named Pfizermeister, Sinosour and ExtraGineca – and marketed as “lockdown boredom busters”, are proving to be popular, news agency AFP reported.

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The Backdoor Bodega bar which was once able to fill customers is now largely empty of drinkers. Bottled cocktails are now prepared and packaged for delivery.

Talking about the idea behind the vaccine-themed names, Koh Yung Shen, the owner of Backdoor Bodega, told AFP: “(At that time around June), everyone in Malaysia was kind of agitated that they haven’t gotten their vaccines yet. Everyone was desperate for their vaccination shots because the vaccination drive wasn’t as pumped as it was, as it is right now. So I guess a lot of, like the topics of the day on everyone’s lips at that time: ‘When am I going to get my vaccination?’”.

In the video, the label on the Pfizermeister, Sinosour, and ExtraGineca bottles can be seen along with their ingredients, serving size, and recommended use.

The bottled cocktails can be seen laid out on a bar counter next to a syringe and drinking glass. The finished bottles are bubble-wrapped, packaged into boxes for delivery.

Talking about the delivery situation, the bar owner said: “Although I’m sure everyone would want to be back behind the bar, on a regular bar night, but I feel this whole bottle delivery thing is inevitable. We will still go on post-pandemic since everyone is kind of used to it already”, AFP reported.


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